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Android mobile casinos also provide a variety of games that are designed for Android smart phone users on the go. You can play games such as Keno, Rock Paper Scissors, Jacks or Better and Baccarat on your Android phone. These games are great ways to pass the time on those long road trips.


Keno is similar to lottery or bingo in which 20 balls are drawn randomly from 80 balls. Each ball is numbered from 1 to 80. You win by matching how many numbers of balls drawn with your selection based on the pay tables criteria.


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Rock-paper-scissors is a simple hand game played by two people. 3 different symbols can be formed with the players hand on each draw. The winner of each round depends on which symbol is formed. If a rock and scissors are formed, the rock wins. If scissors and paper are formed, the scissors win. If paper and a rock are formed, the paper wins. The round continues until a predetermined number of rounds is set and whichever player wins the most draws.


Jacks or Better Video Poker Play begins when the player press bet and deal . The player is dealt 5 cards who can hold or discard any or all of the cards. Any card that are not held will be dealt a new one. This would make the final hand. The machine will then match the hand against the winning combinations of the pay table to determine if you win any credits.


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Android smart phone users can now play virtual horse racing games on their Android device. Royal Derby is very exciting because it emulates the real derby where you can utilize your horse racing skills to predict the winner based on factors such as the weather and track conditions, the horses' past record in various conditions, the horse's form and the jockey, and the payout odds. There are six horses racing in each race. Once you decided which horse to pick, you can enter your bet or stake. Then you can select the bet. There are 2 types of bets in Royal Derby mobile gaming. To win bet is to bet the horse to finish in first place. Each way is a combination of betting the horse to win or finish in 1st or 2nd place. For each way bet your stake will be doubled.


Once you selected the bet type and the stake, you can start the race and watch from the starting gate to the finish line.


If you placed a win bet and your horse comes in first place, your pay out is the posted odds. If you placed an each way bet and your horse comes in first place, your pay out is the posted odds for the win bet plus one quarter of the posted odds for the each way bet. If you placed an each way bet and your horse comes in second place, your pay out is one quarter of the posted odds.


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