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Home > Android Casino News > Samsung Galaxy S8 and Online Gaming a Winning Combo


Samsung Galaxy S8 and Online Gaming a Winning Combo


We have come a long way since the mid 1990's in the world of online gambling. Players are no longer tied down to a computer and keyboard. Mobility is the key and the new smartphones are pushing online gambling onward and upward.


Transitioning sports betting to the internet and then on to a mobile device was simple compared to bringing the online casino experience of graphically advanced slot games, spinning roulette wheels and live dealer streaming from a large desktop monitor to a much smaller mobile screen. Enter mobile technology, providing uncluttered, graphically impressive and fast online casino gameplay.


Samsung's flagship smartphone S8, released this Spring, has the capability to give online casino players what they want. Infinity Display will pull the player into the experience and the eight-core CPU has the staying power to keep it going. The responsive and quick user interface will also cut the frustration for players with small screen limitations. Facial recognition is available for the security of the player's winnings.


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